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    Leeds Wet Room Specialists
    Welcome to Leeds Wet Room Specialists! For years, we have been fitting and installing countless bathrooms for customers all over West Yorkshire. We continually strive to provide bespoke wet rooms and bathrooms that can enhance the entire look and feel of your home. Our company leads a team of professional builders who are skilled and trained enough to perform the task with ease. Also, we have been building designer bathrooms without heavy price tag.

    Our company provides a full bathroom fitting and installation service that covers standard bathrooms, wet rooms, en suite bathrooms and even powder rooms. From designing and light installation up until fitting and the maintenance phase, Leeds Wet Room Specialists have you covered. Leave all the heavy work to our expert builders, and all you need to do is sit back and relax as we turn your dream bathroom into a reality.

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    Leeds Wet Room Specialists offer a full-range of services across West Yorkshire.
    Timber Decking Bendigo Co
    Our bathroom fitters at Leeds Wet Room Specialists perform amazing services that include designing, installing, maintaining, repairing and even cleaning after completing the project. We cater to different kinds of bathrooms, shower rooms, wet rooms and even powder rooms. Our professional fitters can cover the following types of bathroom remodelling services:

    Full bathrooms


    Designer bathrooms


    Commercial bathrooms


    Master bathrooms


    En Suite bathrooms


    Powder rooms


    Laundry rooms


    Bespoke bathrooms


    Modern bathrooms


    Contemporary bathrooms

    Bendigo composite deck installation
    Wet Rooms
    Wet rooms, unlike other standard bathrooms, are waterproofed in all of its areas. Thus, a typical wet room doesn’t need any enclosure and the water drains directly to the floor. For the designs of our wet rooms, we always make sure to take into account our clients’ personal style, character, and other unique preferences.

    Also, we can add safety features such as wheelchairs. or handlebars. If you have come up with a design layout, then you can just come to us, and if you wish, we can modify it for you. However, if you don’t have any idea what your wet room should look like, you can come to us, and we will help you come up with a design. Our company can also supply materials if you already have a bathroom fitter for your project.

    Bendigo composite deck installation
    En Suites
    If you have a bedroom space and if you want to have your very own “in the room” bathroom, then our excellent bathroom fitters can make that happen. Having your own en suite bathroom saves you time and energy from running to and fro just to heed to your personal needs. We have built beautifully designed en suite bathrooms for many years, and not one project was the same. Thus, you can say that our company values our craftsmanship and creativity.

    When it comes to quality, on the other hand, we can assure you that we yield excellent and professional results every time. Nothing beats the combination of aesthetic designs and functionality in one bathroom, and we can make do that and more.

    The Only Trusted Bathroom Fitters
    From the day you choose us to be your bathroom experts, we guarantee that we can cover all bathroom areas for you. For years, we have strived and continued to be your complete and go-to shop. Hiring us will help you save on cost, because you won’t need to hire another professional for separate jobs. Our company already has a team of highly-trained professionals who can perform all bathroom remodelling procedures, such as the following:

    Bathroom Design

    There are projects that call for different design styles, such as a standard bathroom, an en suite bathroom or a wet room. No matter how difficult you think your project is, our design team can always help you get through the planning and designing phase with ease. Our bathroom designers are composed of highly-trained and skilled individuals who have worked on different projects, be it a simple one or a luxurious bathroom. To date, we have consistently created amazing design outputs for commercial and residential owners in Leeds, UK and in nearby areas.

    As regards our designing services, we can help you create your design from nothing, and all we need from you are your preferences and specifications. But, if you already did your homework or research for your desired layout, we can perform the remodelling right away or we can still help you modify it if you wish to. On top of our excellent designing services, we also offer cost-effective options for your next reno project.

    In doing the design, we always keep an eye to your personal requirements and styles, and we make sure that all of them are included in the design. We do this, because our company not only values our clients, but we also make sure that we give them the best reno experience. With us on your side, you know that our work will never fail your expectations.


    Bathroom Installation

    When the planning phase has been completed and the project cost has been set, we will begin the installation immediately. Our team of plumbers, electricians and carpenters will begin the work on your residence by preparing the area, and from there, all the project specifications will be made accordingly. Although the initial and succeeding stages can cause a lot of inconveniences, our professionals will make sure that the process will be smooth-sailing.
    Throughout the renovation process, you are guaranteed to be safe from any accident in the area, because all of our work is compliant to industry and safety standards. To make sure that all parts such as the ceiling, wall and the floor are done according to plan, we assign an expert to manage each stage.

    Waterproofing and Tiling

    Waterproofing and tiling your bathroom are two important jobs that need the expertise of a bathroom installer. These two lay the foundation of the project, and thus, they will determine how well the bathroom will stand the test of time. So, in choosing the company to do the job, you must pick the one that has the most reliable plumbers and installers. You wouldn’t want your bathroom to have leaks and cracks where water can seep through. Otherwise, you will just be spending a lot more money in repairs and maintenance.

    If you choose us, we only use quality materials for waterproofing and tile installation. Our company uses high-grade materials when it comes to waterproofing and tiling. Never compromise on quality just because you want to save on costs.


    Plumbing and Electrical Works

    Plumbing and electrical works require professional skills, because they are the most complicated and intricate work. It may be a practical idea to do the work yourself, but we don’t recommend it if you don’t have the necessary tools and skills required. So, entrusting these to the hands of the professionals can help you save a great deal of time and money. Our experts can help you pick cost-effective options that will help you avoid sudden increases in your bills.
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    How much does a bathroom and wet room installation cost in the UK?
    Today, the cost of a bathroom and a wet room installation ranges from £5,000 to £10,000 in the UK. This cost, however, can go up or lower depending on your bathroom size, the design style, the amount of labour and the materials and accessories.

    For small to medium-sized bathrooms and wet rooms, the cost could reach around £4,000 to £6,000. Plus, the daily rate of labour is at £150 to £250. This would again depend on the skills of the service provider and the complexity of the project. The tiles for bathroom are around £20 per square meter depending on the style and type of material you want.

    How long does a wet room installation take to fit?
    A wet room and bathroom installation usually takes 4 to 7 days to finish. This can be cut shorter or extended depending on the expertise required, amount of labour needed and the bathroom size. Also, it is imperative that you need to consider and prepare an extra bathroom or shower while the project is ongoing.
    How does one install a wet room or a bathroom in the UK?
    It may be appealing to do the installation yourself, but we do not recommend it. This is so because the process entails a lot of work that requires professional skills and equipment. Furthermore, important components like tiling, plumbing, and electrical work can’t be done by an ordinary person. A clear example would be a drainage system that requires pipes and materials that need to be put together seamlessly and professionally.
    Is there a difference between a wet room and a shower room?
    The main distinction of a standard bathroom and a wet room is that the latter does not have any enclosure because the entire area is waterproofed with a single drain where the water can go through. A standard bathroom, on the other hand, needs enclosure or a shower area. However, both can still have fixtures such as sinks, toilets, shelves and cabinets.
    How much is the new bathroom installation in Leeds?
    In Leeds, UK, a new bathroom installation can cost between £3,000 to £6,000 and daily labour rate amounting between £150 and £250. Moreover, these costs may be based on the size of the bathroom, the amount of preparation work needed, the location of the residence, and important materials. If you plan to have a larger or more luxurious bathroom, the cost could be as high as £15,000.
    The Trusted Name in Leeds
    Since we have consistently built and remodelled countless bathrooms in town, a lot of homeowners and business owners came to us for their bathroom or wet room reno needs. Our services remain unparalleled in Leeds, UK and in nearby locations. That’s not the best part; our company has the best products and equipment that will get the job done right the first time.

    Also, our services come with a 10-year warranty so that our clients can feel safe and enjoy everything in their new bathroom. Call one of our experts today at Leeds Wet Room Specialists, and get a free quotation.